Vermin: Part Two of the Westford Chronicles

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"The adventure of Tolkien, the pace of Patterson and the terror of King, what's not to love…"

The Priory was only the beginning. A new terror has arrived… Jacob and his two young sons see something fall from the sky. Moments’ later, they are attacked. Nancy, a hard-partying drop-out feels something inside her ear, and not just the ringing of music from the party last night.

Trapped together in an old, derelict hospital, a stranger knocks on their door. A stranger who knows more than he lets on, and has a shocking story to tell.

Underneath Westford are tunnels, tunnels that go deep into the earth and lead to strange places.

With food and water running low and the creatures still outside, will they trust the stranger and stop the destruction of Westford, and the world as we know it?

A true pageturner in every sense of the word, Vermin is the incredible second part of The Westford Chronicles from the hot new horror writer, Jonathan Wheatley

The Priory was only the beginning…


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