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The New Apocalyptic Horror novel!




After the events of The Priory, Westford is quiet. However, a new evil has arrived.


Now a group of survivors must team together to survive in an apocalyptic locked-down Westford, while being hunted by terrifying creatures.


Trapped in an old hospital, they must learn: Were the stories about secret underground tunnels true, and could they lead them to their salvation? Who is the stranger who has knocked on their door? Why is he acting so strange? And who is controlling these creatures?


Vermin is the second part of The Westford Chronicles, introducing new characters and old friends from The Priory, leading them on a horrifying adventure in a silent, ominous English town.


The Priory was only the beginning!


A contemporary horror akin to Stranger Things and IT, The Westford Chronicles is an English horror adventure trilogy that will leave readers twisted.


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