The Priory: Part One of the Westford Chronicles

The Priory The Westford Chronicles Book

"The adventure of Tolkien, the pace of Patterson and the terror of King, what's not to love…"

Twisted New Terror from the Top 100 British Horror Writer. "You won't be able to put it down."

“This was unsettling and weird, in a good way. I enjoyed having no idea what was going to happen. Atmospheric and compelling." "Wheatley has created a non-stop page-turner of a debut novel.”

Waking up in a new body every day, Lucas is on the hunt to find out why. His journey takes him to the mysterious Priory. Along the way, he meets a group of teenagers following a mysterious message found in the woods, and Jess, a mother-of-two with secrets of her own.

The residents’ of Westford are going missing, and a mysterious symbol has appeared in their town.

Reports of strange creatures are appearing in the news, and a man who disappeared twenty-years ago has reappeared… does he know the truth?

Now, they must join together before it’s too late and Westford is lost forever.

The oldest monsters have always been here… waiting…

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