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Top Horror Novels to buy this Christmas

If like me your Christmas list is full of horror novels and not a lot else, here is a handy selection of classic and contemporary horror books for the pickiest reader this year.

During the build-up to Christmas, I will countdown my top-five favourite horror novels for every type of reader… enjoy!

The “I don’t really like Stephen King, however, I have never read one of his books,” reader:

With his massive ‘Multi-verse’ it is wise to avoid a Dark Tower novel, or any other interlinked novel as a virgin Stephen King reader. I would recommend a one-off novel without the need for a back story.

With classics such as The Shining, The Stand, Misery or Carrie to choose from, alongside more contemporary novels such as The Outsider, The institute and Mr Mercedes, I personally feel a great book to start your Stephen King experience would be one of his least horror-related novels: 11.22.63.

This story will introduce you to Stephen King’s incredible ability to create characters, storylines and settings miles ahead of any other author when he is on form. 11.22.63 is a time-travel novel with a heart. As the title suggests it deals with the JFK assassination alongside a sweet romance and iconic antagonists including Lee Harvey-Oswald himself.

If you like Back to the Future crossed with huge historical events, then this novel will leave you crying out for more. The main character is well-thought-out and as a ‘Constant Reader’ one of his best characters to date. The TV show starring James Franco only got one season (which was actually quite good) so to finish the story go back in time and read this novel from November 2011.

Keep an eye out for updates in regards to The Priory my debut novel released in April 2020.

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